Tibetan Buddhist Centers in the Bay Area

From Marin to Berkeley to San Jose, there are Tibetan Buddhist learning centers and temples all over the San Francisco Bay Area, accessible by Tibetans and non-Tibetans alike. Whether you are a novice or a devoted student of Buddhism, we hope that this list will help anyone who is interested in learning more.

South Bay:

Ananda Dharma Center

Address: 3888 Balcom Road, San Jose CA 95148

Tradition: Gelug school

Website: anandadharmacenter.org

Ocean of Compassion (Gyalwa Gyatso) Buddhist Center

Address: 1550 La Pradera Drive, Campbell CA 95008

Tradition: Gelug school

Website: gyalwagyatso.org

Palpung Lungtok Choeling

Address: 2175 Santiago Avenue, San Jose CA 95122

Tradition: Kagyü school

Website: palpung.com

Yongey Buddhist Center

Address: 682 Carlsbad Street, Milpitas, CA 95035

Tradition: Kagyü and Nyingma school

Website: yongey.org

North Bay:

Ati Ling

Address: 23125 Fort Ross Road, Cazadero CA 95421

Tradition: Nyingma school

Website: atiling.org

Kagyu Takten Puntsokling

Address: 5594 Volkerts Road, Sebastopol CA 95472

Tradition: Kagyü school

Website: kagyutaktenpuntsokling.org

Padma Shedrup Ling

Address: PO Box 117, Fairfax CA 94978

Tradition: Kagyü and Nyingma schools

Website: padmashedrupling.wordpress.com/about

Padmasambhava Peace Institute

Address:23125 Fort Ross Road, Cazadero CA 95421

Tradition: Nyingma school

Website: padmapeace.org

Ratna Ling Retreat Center

Address: 35755 Hauser Bridge Road, Cazadero CA 95421

Tradition: Nyingma school

Website: ratnaling.org

Sonoma Shambhala Center

Address: W Napa Street # G, Sonoma CA 95476

Tradition: Kagyü and Nyingma school

Website: sonoma.shambhala.org

Sukhasiddhi Foundation

Address: 771 Center Boulevard, Fairfax CA 94930

Tradition: Kagyü school

Website: sukhasiddhi.org

Tibetan Center for Compassion and Wisdom

Address: 160 Corte Madera Avenue, Mill Valley CA 94941

Tradition: Gelug school

Website: tccwonline.org

East Bay:

Berkeley Shambhala Meditation Center

Address: 2288 Fulton Street, Suite 202, Berkeley CA 94704

Tradition: Kagyü school

Website: berkeley.shambhala.org

Dharma College

Address: 2222 Harold Way, Berkeley CA 94704

Tradition: Nyingma school

Website: dharma-college.com

Dharmata Foundation

Address: 235 Washington Avenue, Point Richmond CA 94801

Tradition: Nyingma school

Website: dharmata.org

Dzogchen Buddha Institute

Address: 910 Curtis Street, Albany CA 94706

Tradition: Nyingma school

Website: dzogchenbuddha.org

Dzogchen Community West Coast

Address: 2748 Adeline Street, Suite D, Berkeley CA 94703

Tradition: Nyingma school

Website: dzogchencommunitywest.org

Ewam Choden Tibetan Buddhist Center

Address: 254 Cambridge Avenue, Kensington CA 94607

Tradition: Sakya Ngor school

Website: ewamchoden.org

The Gyuto Foundation

Address: 6401 Bernhard Avenue, Richmond Heights CA 94805

Tradition: Gelug school

Website: gyutofoundation.org

Nyingma Institute

Address: 1815 Highland Place, Berkeley, CA 94709

Tradition: Nyingma school

Website: nyingmainstitute.com

Orgyen Dorje Den

Address: 2244 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda CA 94501

Tradition: Nyingma school

Website: orgyendorjeden.org

Sakya Dechen Ling

Address: 801 Pierce Street, #3, Albany CA 94706

Tradition: Sakya school

Website: sakyadechenling.com

SF Peninsula:

Dalai Lama Foundation

Address: 61 Renato Court, #24, Redwood City CA 94062

Tradition: Gelug school

Website: dalailamafoundation.org

Silicon Valley Shambhala Meditation Group

Address: 2483 Old Middlefield Way #110, Mountain View CA 94043

Tradition: Kagyü and Nyingma school

Website: siliconvalley.shambhala.org

Tardo Ling

Address: 1808 Sweetwood Drive, Broadmoor Village CA 94015

Tradition: All schools

Website: sites.google.com/site/norboo/tardoling

San Francisco:

Dharma Fellowship of His Holiness the Gyalwa Karmapa

Address: 75 Hartford Street, San Francisco CA 94114

Tradition: Kagyü school

Website: dharmafellowship.org

Diamond Way Buddhist Center San Francisco

Address: 110 Merced Avenue, San Francisco CA 94127

Tradition: Kagyü school

Website: diamondway.org/sf/

Kagyu Droden Kunchab

Address:1892 Fell Street, San Francisco CA 94117

Tradition: Kagyü school

Website: kdk.org

Rigpa San Francisco Center

Address: 1033 Polk Street, San Francisco CA 94109

Tradition: Nyingma school

Website: rigpabayarea.org

San Francisco Shambhala Meditation Center

Address: 1231 Stevenson Street, San Francisco CA 94103

Tradition: Kagyü and Nyingma school

Website: sf.shambhala.org

Tse Chen Ling Center for Tibetan Buddhist Studies

Address: 300-302 Jules Avenue, San Francisco CA 94112

Tradition: Gelug school

Website: tsechenling.org