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More Ways to Give


The Annual Fund supports general operations of the theater. Donating to this fund provides Marin Theatre Company with the most flexibility, allowing us to use your gift where it is most needed. All donations are automatically allocated to the annual fund unless you specifically request that your funds be used elsewhere.


Funds to support specific needs at Marin Theatre Company such as artistic initiatives, education programs or capital improvements.

New Plays Fund

The New Plays Fund supports MTC national new play awards, and the commissioning, development and production of new plays by American Playwrights through our New Play Program.

Scholarship Fund

This fund provides full and partial scholarships to MTC Summer Camps for students who demonstrate a clear financial need. MTC partners with community organizations in Marin City and the Canal District to identify potential scholarship recipients. Each gift of $1,200 allows one student to attend Camp.


Funds to ensure Marin Theatre Company's future include the Endowment Fund, Artistic & Operating Reserve Fund, and Poutiatine Fund for Leadership.

Artistic & Operating Reserve Fund

The Artistic & Operating Reserve Fund is a MTC board-designated fund that was established in 2010 thanks to a generous grant from Board Member Christopher B. Smith. It allows MTC to take advantage of artistic opportunities that it would not otherwise be able to afford; to sustain operations through delays in payment of committed funding; to accept reimbursable contracts and grants without jeopardizing ongoing operations; to create an internal line of credit to manage cash flow; and to generate investment income.

Poutiatine Fund for Leadership

The Poutiatine Fund For Leadership is a MTC board-designated fund that enables the Board to enhance the compensation packages of MTC's staff leadership, including increased salary, bonus pay, increased health benefits, increased vacation time, and housing subsidies.

Endowment Fund

Established with an initial grant from former Board President Herb Boyer, this permanently restricted fund supports general operations of MTC through the generation of investment income.

Play an indispensable role in supporting the performing arts by investing in the future of Marin Theatre Company and join the MTC Tomorrow: The Legacy Society of Marin Theatre Company with a planned gift through your estate or will. The extraordinary generosity and foresight of MTC Tomorrow members helps to ensure that audiences will continue to enjoy world-class performances at MTC for generations to come.

MTC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Beneficiary Designations

Continue supporting our work after your lifetime by naming MTC as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, life insurance or insurance annuity assets.

Recurring Gifts

Monthly donations are the most impactful way to ensure ongoing financial support all year long. By setting up a reoccurring donation you contribute to MTC’s long-term future while taking advantage of donor perks now!

To set up your sustainable monthly donations, please reach out to

Help us grow as a more equitable arts organization by recommending Marin Theatre Company as a grant recipient from your donor-advised fund.

Important Notes:

  • Under federal law, if any portion of your donation benefits are not tax-deductible, you may waive the tangible benefits or use a personal source to pay for the benefits value. This includes tickets to events.
  • Not all donor-advised funds are equal, please consult your DAF manager, tax advisor, and/or legal counsel to determine tax treatment or other restrictions.

Are you over the age of 70 ½ and have an IRA? Did you know you could direct donations from your IRA without being subject to any withdrawal taxes?

A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) is a direct transfer of funds from your IRA custodian, payable to a qualified charity. QCDs can be counted toward satisfying your required minimum distributions (RMDs) for the year, as long as certain rules are met.

While many IRAs are eligible for QCDs—Traditional, Rollover, Inherited, SEP (inactive plans only), and SIMPLE (inactive plans only) — there are requirements:

  • You must be 70½ or older to be eligible to make a QCD.
  • QCDs are limited to the amount that would otherwise be taxed as ordinary income. This excludes non-deductible contributions.
  • The maximum annual amount that can qualify for a QCD is $100,000. This applies to the sum of QCDs made to one or more charities in a calendar year. (If, however, you file taxes jointly, your spouse can also make a QCD from his or her own IRA within the same tax year for up to $100,000.)
  • For a QCD to count towards your current year's RMD, the funds must come out of your IRA by your RMD deadline, generally December 31.
  • Any amount donated above your RMD does not count toward satisfying a future year's RMD.

To make a Qualified Charitable Distribution submit a distribution form to your IRA custodian, requesting that the check be made payable directly to: 

Marin Theatre Company
397 Miller Ave.
Mill Valley, CA 94941

A transfer of stock may be made directly to Marin Theatre Company’s broker at Charles Schwab. At Charles Schwab, you or your broker may contact Loren Kertz at (415) 945-6408 if you have questions about the transfer. 

For detailed information on how to make a transfer please use the Stock Transfer Instructions

Once a transfer has been initiated, please reach out to the MTC Development Department at to notify us about the stock details. Transfers into the MTC account do not display the donor’s name or information and we want to ensure your donation is tracked and properly acknowledged.

Many companies offer a matching gift program for their employees that can double or even triple your initial contribution! 

Having your gift matched is simple. Contact your employer’s human resources department for info on making MTC your designated 501(c)3 nonprofit. Request a matching gift form, complete it and send it to Marin Theatre Company. We will notify your company of your contribution, and you will enjoy the benefits of a higher level of giving.

Securely register your credit, ATM, and Safeway Club Cards at and designate Marin Theatre Company (Group ID 500001061) as your beneficiary. Once signed up, participating merchants will make contributions to Marin Theatre Company based on a percentage of every purchase you make. It’s easy and secure. Participating local merchants like Safeway, Whole Foods, Mollie Stones, Paradise Foods and many more (go to for a complete list of merchants) donate to Marin Theatre Company!Sign up once and be sure to renew and update your information each year.

Shop at Mill Valley Market and mention Marin Theatre Company before your checkout is complete. They’ll donate 2% of your TOTAL RECEIPT. That’s all there is to it! As an individual, you don’t need to sign up, carry a card or sign anything, and it costs you nothing. The best part is that 100% will go to MTC. Mill Valley Market is located at 12 Corte Madera Avenue in Mill Valley.