Marin Theatre

Casting & Audition Policies

Marin Theatre is a LORT D Theatre and hires actors who are members of Actors' Equity Association. We prioritize casting local talent and cast a limited number of out of town actors each season. Due to Marin Theatre's LORT status, there are very few openings for non-Equity actors. Actors are hired on a show-by-show basis during the season. Auditions for individual shows are by invitation only.

Marin Theatre holds local general auditions for AEA actors every year, typically in the spring. These auditions are announced on the AEA and Theatre Bay Area Websites. Marin Theatre also attends the Theatre Bay Area general auditions. For more information about TBA's auditions, please 415-430-1140 or visit

Bay Area actors are always welcome to submit their headshots and resumes to Please indicate if you are a local hire. A local hire is defined as an actor who lives within 50 miles of Marin Theatre.

Actors of every race, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, and ability are encouraged to submit their materials and audition.