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We’re thrilled to share with you the fantastic lineup of shows in our season, and we hope that you are able to experience our student matinees with your students this year! Below you’ll find a little bit about each show, the dates, and the grade recommendation.

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By David Greig

Dates: 10/5 & 10/12 at 11am

Recommended for Grades 9-12


“Being produced for the first time by an American team, Dunsinane is a captivating, imagined sequel to Shakespeare’s Macbeth that explores one man's attempt to restore peace in a country consumed by war. Macbeth is dead. Under cover of night, the English army has swept in, killed the tyrant and claimed Scotland's seat of power. But efforts to restore order appear futile as the situation spins out of control. Fierce one minute and funny the next, Scottish playwright David Greig's extraordinary ability to infuse a dark story with rich humor results in a lively, vital examination of power—illuminating uncanny parallels between Scotland's medieval and present-day political landscapes around the world. Directed by MTC Artistic Director Jasson Minakdakis, and in partnership with Tamalpais High School’s Conservatory Theatre Ensemble

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By August Wilson

Dates: 12/7 & 12/14 at 11am

Recommended for Grades 9-12


“The seventh play in The American Century Cycle chronicling the African American experience in the 20th century. In 1969 Pittsburgh amidst the Civil Rights Movement and the start of Black Power, restaurant owner Memphis Lee fights to sell his diner for a fair price, as it’s slated for demolition. Memphis and his regulars confront their changing neighborhood, struggle to make ends meet, and strive to step towards a better life. They search for work, love, and justice as their neighborhood continues to change in unpredictable ways. Two Trains Running marks the fifth August Wilson play to be produced by MTC and will be directed by Dawn Monique Williams.

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By Lauren Gunderson

Dates: 3/1 & 3/8 at 11AM 

Recommended for Grades 6-12


Justice features the "firsts" of the Supreme Court: Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sandra Day O'Connor, Sonia Sotomayor, and Ketanji Brown Jackson. In an intimate, epic new musical built with sweeping songs, urgent conversations about equality, and truly human heroines, we come to know these iconic Justices at the height of their power. We discover how they inspire, challenge, and propel the next generation of changemakers in American jurisprudence, setting a new course for our country and the world. 

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By Brian Quijada

Dates: 5/17 & 5/24 at 11AM

Recommended for Grades 8-12 *This show contains mild Language


“During a third grade lesson on the Civil Rights movement and Rosa Parks, a Latina child raises her hand to ask, “Where did we sit on the bus?” Her teacher can’t answer the question. Infused with Latin rhythms, hip-hop, and live-looping, this solo exploration follows that kid into adulthood, as she navigates growing up in an immigrant family, her identity as a first-generation American, and what the world might look like for her children. Directed by Matt Dickson and performed by the dynamic Mexican-American actor, singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and intersectional feminist, Satya ChávezWhere Did We Sit on the Bus? is a high-octane tour-de-force theatrical experience that examines what it means to be Latiné in America

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