Rising Grades 1-3 Creative Dramatics Camps

These camps use creative drama, improvisation, and devising techniques to explore each week’s theme while teaching basic acting skills. There will be a “Shareformance” on the last day of each camp for campers to showcase what they’ve learned. Parents and family members are welcome and encouraged to attend the “Shareformance.”

Mission Impossible 

July 29- August 2
Tuition: $275

Your mission—if you choose to accept it—is to master the art of espionage! Campers will develop acting skills as they earn their spy license by developing key sleuthing skills.We’ll use riddles, mastering secret codes, and more to explore the world of theatre while cracking the case of an epic heist!


Mythical Monsters Around the World 

August 5-9

Dragons and Krakens and Basilisks, oh my! Join us as we weave our way through history and the stories and legends of creatures of old. Through storytelling, imagination, and devised work, we will bring them back to life in the world of theatre.


Cancellation Policy

We are happy to issue a full refund for cancellations up to the first day of camp. No refunds will be issued past this date.