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Teacher Reviews

"Fantastic, charming, educational, entertaining, joyful! Thank you, thank you! Best. Assembly. Ever."

"As always, the performance was AMAZING! As I looked around the auditorium during the performance, the looks of wonderment on the children's faces, I thought, had confirmed my opinion of the desperate need satiated by the experience...that is, until the Q&A afterwards. Several of the students are struggling, at-risk students who connected so strongly to the opportunity that their questions and comments shockingly demonstrated the higher level thinking and application skills we so desperately try to develop in the classroom. The actors reach and impact the lives of children more than any of us may ever realize. The show broke so many socially constructed barriers that will carry over to the academic and social lives of our students."

"Every year we have MTC perform for the students and every year the students and staff thoroughly enjoy the performance... age appropriate, engaging and interactive for the students and staff... a commanding performance!"

"Aesop's Fables was FANTASTIC! The teachers and students raved about the performance. Many of our teachers found the performance guide a very useful resource. There were so many great connections teachers were able to make throughout the grade levels. The students were amazed with the creativity of the costumes and props."

"Thank you for arranging the performance of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at our school. It was WONDERFUL! The children were enthralled, as was I. It was the best in-school performance I've ever seen, and I've been teaching a long time! Thank you, so much, for making it possible for our fourth-sixth graders to see this thoroughly engaging piece."

"I just wanted to take this time to tell you how wonderful the show was today. The students and staff were so impressed with the actors and the production design. They were just such a pleasure to watch. You guys are such a great addition to the Marin County theatre scene, especially your support and service to educators. I look forward to your next offering."

"The performance was entertaining and educational for both students and teachers. It's good when you can get folks laughing so much they hardly notice they are learning."

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