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IN THE RED & BROWN WATER (2010) Ryan Vincent Anderson, Jared McNeill, Dawn L. Troupe and Lakisha May | photo by Kevin Berne ONCE UPON A MATTRESS (2010) Youth Musical Summer Camp | photo by Matt Schriock

Funds and Campaigns

There are numerous ways to support Marin Theatre Company. Donate to the Annual Fund and let MTC decide where best to use your donation, or earmark your donation for one of our Programming Funds or Future Funds to support a specific aspect of our work.

MTC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

  • Annual Fund

    The Annual Fund supports general operations of the theater. Donating to this fund provides Marin Theatre Company with the most flexibility, allowing us to use your gift where it is most needed. All donations are automatically allocated to the annual fund unless you specifically request that your funds be used elsewhere.

  • Programming Funds

    Funds to support specific needs at Marin Theatre Company such as artistic initiatives, education programs or capital improvements.

    New Plays Fund
    The New Plays Fund supports MTC national new play awards, and the commissioning, development and production of new plays by American Playwrights through our New Play Program.

    Scholarship Fund
    This fund provides full and partial scholarships to MTC Summer Camps for students who demonstrate a clear financial need.  MTC partners with community organizations in Marin City and the Canal District to identify potential scholarship recipients. Each gift of $1,200 allows one student to attend Camp.

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  • Funds for MTC's Future

    Funds to ensure Marin Theatre Company’s future include the Endowment Fund, Artistic & Operating Reserve Fund, and Poutiatine Fund for Leadership.

    Artistic & Operating Reserve Fund
    The Artistic & Operating Reserve Fund is a MTC board-designated fund that was established in 2010 thanks to a generous grant from Board Member Christopher B. Smith. It allows MTC to take advantage of artistic opportunities that it would not otherwise be able to afford; to sustain operations through delays in payment of committed funding; to accept reimbursable contracts and grants without jeopardizing ongoing operations; to create an internal line of credit to manage cash flow; and to generate investment income.

    Poutiatine Fund for Leadership
    The Poutiatine Fund For Leadership is a MTC board-designated fund that enables the Board to enhance the compensation packages of MTC's staff leadership, including increased salary, bonus pay, increased health benefits, increased vacation time, and housing subsidies.

    Endowment Fund
    Established with an initial grant from former Board President Herb Boyer, this permanently restricted fund supports general operations of MTC through the generation of investment income.

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